5 Important Values For Me


There are 5 important values for me in my life. firstly, it is happiness. Happiness is absolutely important because we will not satisfy on doing something if we are not happy enough to do the thing. Moreover, happiness create a good mood to do many things that are useful in life. As an example, doing homework. If we get a bad mood we will not have enough mood to do the homework. Furthermore, happiness create a good mood that create better health for physiology. Second value is health. Health is very expensive to be cure. In addition, i don’t want to burden my family especially my parents to look after me because of my health problems. Thirdly, it is honesty. Honest people are really hard to find nowadays. People will do everything including illegal or harm others to receive benefit for himself/herself. I will really appreciate people with honesty attitude within him/her self. Fourthly, it is friendship. Friendship is also important for me because we are as social human being can’t live alone to do our things. So friends are important so they can help me and also i will help them. Loyalty is the last value. It doesn’t mean i put this in the last its not really important for me. Actually, loyalty is really important for me. I will be loyal to the one who is loyal to me also.


What Will I Do If I’m a President of Indonesia?


First of all, i’m going to say facts about Indonesia. The name “Indonesia” is derived from the Latin word “Indus” meaning Indian and the Greek word “Nesos” meaning Island. Indonesia was originally called Indian Archipelago or East Indies Islands. in addition, the name “Indonesia” was coined in the 1850’s by James Logan, editor of the Singapore-published Journal of the Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia as a shorter equivalent for the term “Indian Archipelago”.  Indonesia is the world’s largest country comprised solely of islands. it is composed of 17,508 islands, some 6,000 of which are inhabited.

To begin with, as i see nowadays Indonesia have many problems to overcome with, and there is one problem that is very important for me it is the education. There are still many remote places in Indonesia that don’t have any education infrastructure such as school. As a result, many citizen in remote places don’t have any education studies. This is very dangerous for the future of Indonesia because many generation are not well educate.

As a conclusion, if i’m a president of Indonesia i will build school and facilitate remote areas with school and other infrastructures that support daily life activities such as hospital, bridge, road and super market to name a view. Moreover, i will create some workplace for citizen there and set up a wind mill and water turbine to help provide electricity in the area.Nevertheless, school is not enough to support in educational only, there are a lot of infrastructure that can help generation in education.


My Biography


Hello 🙂

My name is Muhammad Agung Ramadhan. I was born in 8 January 1999 in Kerinci, Riau. I am the youngest child in m family. i have 2 siblings and they are my elder sister and brother. They completed their school and college already while i’m still in senior high school. I live in Kerinci and my father works in RAPP.

To begin with, I have two hobbies in common. firstly, i like to play electronic games especially online games nowadays because usually i play it with my friends. That’s why i like playing online games now. in addition, offline games nowadays are burden in the system requirement while i’m using a laptop. Secondly, i like to do sports activities such as football, basketball, volleyball and badminton. in my school, me and my friends usually play football and basketball. Moreover, i joined basketball club in my school every Wednesday. It is really fun!

I’m not really sociable person and a homesick person. T don’t really like crowded places because i just feel awkward. I don’t really have interesting story to tell about because i just do my daily activities more, wake up at 6 in the morning and mostly go to school at 6:45 because the school starts at 7 o clock. I rarely take my breakfast because its a habit started when i was in kinder garden. As a result, its really different when i take my breakfast. I usually get stomach ache when i eat foods in the morning. That cause a burden for me because I’m going to school. Actually, nowadays i often take my breakfast with snacks although it still cause my stomach aching but i should eat something to have some energy for school. After finish studying, i usually go out from the school at 4 in the evening and go sharp to the house. After that, i usually play games in my laptop up to 6 in the evening and pray at 6:40. In the night, i’m doing my homework for tomorrow class in the school. That’s what happen in everyday life of mine.


My Favourite Subjects


Hi Readers! It’s been along time i didn’t update my blog. Now, i want to tell you about my favourit subjects.

My favourite subjects are PE and Arabic Malay.

I like Physical Education because usually in PE class we play some sports and having fun with our classmates. Unfortunately, PE class is only about 45 minutes in one week. For me it’s really unfair. At least Pe have 2 periods in one week. But still we manage to have fun only in 45 minutes. Our PE teacher is Mr.Gugun from Bandung. He is a kind and fun teacher. He allow us to play whatever we want.

Second is arabic malay. I like it because arabic malay language is not really difficult. It’s not like other subject, example math. For Math, we have to remember a lot of complicated formulas so we can answer the question. Ofcourse we have to remember some of the rules in arabic malay, but it’s not as complicated as math. Our Arabic Malay teacher is Mrs.Yana. We Have arabic malay in monday and it’s one period of 45 minutes. The same as PE.

Thats all, Thank you for reading 😀

My favourite Subjects


I liked 2 subjects and it’s PE and ICT. I liked PE because it’s fun and healthy. And I liked sports. Usually i played football at break time. But today there is a football competition at break time. But one thing i didn’t like about PE is the time is to short. Only 45 minutes to play sports. Our PE teacher is Mr. Gugun. Mr. Gugun is our new teacher.

Second, I liked ICT because I also liked computer/laptop. Sometimes i tried to explore my laptop. But i didn’t explore it too deep because I afraid my laptop is effected. I wanted to explore photoshop but i felt confuse about that. We still studied about hardware and software, input device and output device, GUI and command line and types of computer. Our ICT teacher is MR. Dick.

That’s all, Thank You for reading 😀 

Reflection on “You” song


The preparation was good and complete. But, 1 didn’t do my best because i didn’t sing loud and confidently. Because my voice was not well. But i felt good because our performance was good. I learned that singing was not as easy as it. And we must set our voice to reach that note. that’s why i had difficulties to reach the very low note.

  I only had 1 performance. Some of my friends had 3 performance. Because they joined orchestra and guitar class. Boys wore shirt. And the girls wore gown. 

Activities Week


Helo friends today i want to tell you about my activities in 3 days it’s also called activities week. First day was science day, me and my friends did interactive science experiment. I did secret message with Regina. This experiment was dangerous but it is interesting !

Second day was library day. There there was an event called costum parade but me and all my friends except Ombun didn’t wear any costum. And there was also lucky draw but i’m not lucky.

And the last day was international day. for mandarin they sang mandarin song. for french we sang a french song. after that we looked another performance. Before the international lunch, me anf my friends went to the JRHS. office to made our body cold. and the last event is the international day. there were many kind of food from another ethnic an country from this world. That’s all hope you enjoy reading ^_^